As a Female Nigerian: 11 Liable Ways to make 3k daily in 2022


Are you stucked and so stranded in Nigeria as a  young lady and don’t know what job to go for?, Already listed are some ideas for ways to make google finance in 2022.

If you’re stuck in Nigeria, here are some ideas for ways to make money #3,000  and more as a daily income without having to depend on your boyfriend or man as a girl

Below are 11 verified and legit business that you can start and earn massive from

With this kinds of business as a lady you don’t need a man or anyone to Boss you around. You can comfortably work from the comfort of your home and make massive earnings. With less supervision and electronic gadget like phone and laptop you can learn and advance more in the following


Blogging is a trusted and very convenient way to make money online. It is a legit way to build your brand and get your name out there.

You can decided to blog about anything  you have passion on either fashion, food, jobs, sports, finance, real estate, parenting tips, lifestyle posts like travel guides or diaries and many more

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Freelancing is another liable way of making money. There are many sites online through which you can find work on freelancing for example; Upwork. Also, you can make earnings by doing freelance writing for blogs, websites, and other publications.

The flexibility of this nature of job makes it perfect as you don’t have to be front of the computer all time

Social Media Manager

These are people who are responsible for managing the social media accounts of their employers. They help to increase the visibility of the company’s brand on various platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

This can be a good job if you have good skills in marketing as it requires creativity and attention to detail. You also need to be able to handle multiple tasks at once without getting overwhelmed by them all.

Below are needed qualifications one should possess in order to be fit as a social media manager:

  • Good English language skills
  • Skills in basic computer applications (e-mailing)
  • Basic knowledge about web design

Become a Virtual Assistant

These are the new gig economy, they provide help on demand, and you can make cash without leaving your home.

In order to be active and running here you need a computer with consistent internet access, basic office software like Microsoft Office or Google Docs.

When you might have gathered all this necessary tools, you can proceed into searching for clients who need your services

Upwork and Freelancer are one of the best sites through which you can secure clients. Once hired by an employer, you will be assigned tasks according to their expertise level

Sell Race for a Living

Race selling requires an understanding of what makes each person unique. It can be an online or offline sales

This is actually the practice of acquiring goods or services from black people at a discount, as opposed to white people. This kind of transaction can often be done through online platforms like Facebook Marketplace, where you can post your goods and services in an expectation that someone will purchase them from you.

Offline races are where sellers hawk their wares in public spaces like malls and markets across Nigeria.

Become an Author or Publisher

Another liable and very lucrative way of making money in Nigeria as a young lady is through Publishing of books, self-publishing happens to be the best option if you have any kind of writing talent or knowledge as compared to other publishing methods.

For ladies who drive joy and has great talent in writing you can actually write your books and publish them on Amazon or Kobo and make your earnings

Become a translator.

The second way to make 3k in Nigeria as a female is by becoming translator. Translators earn good money and it’s an easy job to do from home. You will need to have a good grasp of the language you are translating and communication skills, but this is not too much work for someone with experience who has been working in translation for some time.

If you want to acquire more information on how to become a translator, then visit this website at

Need to make 3,000 in Nigeria?, Then you need to be creative, flexible, have multiple income streams and also be willing to take risks.

Sell on Social Media Sites

Social media is a great place to start selling your products. There are numerous social media sites that you can use and find success with, but the most popular are Facebook and Instagram.

To get started on these platforms, you’ll need an account with a website like Shopify or Wix. These websites allow you to create your own store front where people can order from you directly through their web browsers instead of having them go through third party websites like Amazon or eBay (which often have high fees). Once they’ve placed their order, they will receive an email with payment instructions so all that’s left is waiting for someone else’s money in exchange for your goods!

You should also consider using Google Ads if possible because this will help drive traffic towards whatever product(s) it is that brought them here in the first place (if there aren’t many views yet then maybe try posting regularly).


The combination of fabrics to make a dress is something that a lady can actually learn how to. Statics has it that women are blessed with endurance and zeal to articulate fashions. With some 50k one can start up a tailoring shop which in the later run can fetch streams of income

Sell on E-commerce Sites

If you have a product or service to sell, there are several e-commerce sites that would be interested in carrying your product. For example, if you have written a book and want it published on Amazon, they will publish the book for you. You can also sell your knowledge through videos on YouTube or Vimeo and make money from it by advertising the video through Google AdWords ads.

If you have ideas that can help people improve their lives or solve problems in their daily lives and communities, then there are lots of platforms where people pay for such services online as well as offline via mobile money apps like M-Pesa which allows users to send money instantly without having any bank account details

Become a Health Coach.

These category of people are responsible for improving the overall wellness of their clients and helping them achieve their desired goals.

You must have at least an associate’s degree or higher from an accredited university to become a health coach. You will also need to pass a certification exam and pass an interview process before you can start working as one, so make sure that your education meets these requirements!

As for salary, the average annual earnings for this profession are about $20K per year if you work full-time (40 hours per week). However, there’s no guarantee that number will increase over time; it depends on where you live and what qualifications are required by employers looking for new employees in those areas.”


Digest and select the best out of this  list of ways to make 3,000 google finance in Nigeria as a female. Are you ever stucked and worried on how to make money as a lady, don’t worry. I believe the above listed has cleared your want on how you can make money from home!

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