Apartments in Rukpokwu for Sale

Apartments in Rukpokwu for Sale, this is a bungalow building consisting of several units and is standing in a one plot of land measuring 100 by 50.

The building consists of three(3) bedroom apartment, one(1) bedroom self contained and single room Self-Contained apartment.

The property is situated at Rukpokwu airport road near big treat supermarket, Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria.

The location to where the property is cited is about few minutes drive from Rumuokoro Junction.

The road leading to the location of the property is well tared and in a good condition

There are neighborhoods within the vicinity and the area is developed.

The owner of the property is disposing it due to financial issues he has at hand. He also wishes to relocate. The compound is well inter-locked.There is existing tarred road network. The compound is surrounding by a fenced with a gate.

There is steady power supply within the area. The owner of the property is a good and gentleman.

There is an overhead tank mounted to ease steady water supply

There is an already dug borehole in the building to help distribute water to all units.

The compound is large to accommodate cars and even to be used by children as a play ground.

The outside part of the building is titled to an extent to prevent the building from suffering fro quick wear and tear.

The building has been painted on both the interior and exterior parts.

The Apartments in Rukpokwu for Sale has been furnished as there are facilities and materials in use

The purchaser can decide to buy the building alone without the furnished materials inside or can rather buy everything in the building

The price of the building with the furnished materials inside is not the same if the materials are been removed.

Some of the materials are already in place include; three television set, three refrigerator, one deep freezer, one oven gas cooker

One washing machine, set of dinning table, four air conditioners, set of couches and many more.

It has an-suite bedroom which is wide with wardrobes for keeping personal belongings.

The bedroom windows in each of the rooms are well positioned to allow ventilation and daylights.

The parlour is large and has visitors convenience room and a dinning space with a wash hand basin installed.

Each of the toilets in the bedrooms is equipped with facilities which are new and sound. The kitchen is wide with several cabinets put in place

There is an available 4 gallon fuel tank electric starting Firman generator,FPG3800 E2 also for sale together with the house incase the buyer wants it.

The wiring in the building is a neat one as one won’t see any wires running on the surface of the wall of floor.


The already detailed apartments in Rukpokwu is available for quick sale at an affordable price;

Thirty Million Naira(#30m) if the buyer wants to own everything listed in the property or Twenty Six million naira (#26m) without the materials listed.

For enquiries or inspection kindly drop a message in the comment box below

Be rest assured that you will be communicated within the next 48 hours.

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