Apartments in Port Harcourt for Rent

Apartments in Port Harcourt: A two storey building consisting of 3 units of one (1) bedroom  flat and 3 units of two (2) bedroom flats is available for let.

This building can be assessed or located at Rukpokwu/Igurut road before Salvation ministries church(the ongoing and massively built head quarters).

The Driving Directions from Choba park to Rukpokwu/Iguruta road is as follows:

From Choba park head West towards EDS path, pass by valentine202(on the left). Slight right onto choba campus, pass by NAESS-UNIPORT(on the right).

Turn right onto Rumuokoro/Rumy-Ahunwa road/Rumuokwuta road, pass by the pharmacy (on the right in 500m). Turn right onto East-West road/Rumuji-Mpakurche road, pass by Nel-Eag collections(on the right in 1.3km).

At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto airport road/Ikwerre road/A231, pass by Starshine Africa(on the left). Exit the roundabout onto airport road/Ikwerre road/A231, pass by headquarters boutique (on the left).

At the roundabout, continue straight to stay on the  Airport road/Ikwerre road/A231, pass by gallop spare parts(on the right).

Turn right onto Wokpor street, pass by elycomms technologies (on the right) then you are onto Rukpokwu road. Continue straight to get to the next exit point’ that connects to Iguruta road.

The fastest route onto this area due to traffic conditions takes about 30mins.The compound of the building is fenced (the blocks are raised to a standard height) with a gate

It is a serene environment and enjoys a tared road network.

The entire compound is neatly inter-locked and is done in a way to make sure that water runs off from the floor after rainfall in order to avoid poll of water here and there.

Good looking and attractive paints of high quality is used on both the interior and exterior views.

The area is so peaceful and enjoys 24/7 security through the help of vigilantes.

The plumbing works are neatly done, also the soak away pits and septic tank are well constructed and connected. The chambers are also well channelled.

The electrical works are superb as wirings are done in the conduit way to avoid wires running at the surface.

Prepaid meters are been installed in each unit as each occupant is responsible for his or her power outbreak.

Titles are used on the down parts and certain parts of the exterior of the building to avoid quick wear and tear.

The stairs are well positioned to enable ventilation and daylights.

Apartments in Port Harcourt, developers tends to buy and build inorder to create and make apartments available for individuals to have shelter under their head

Less consuming bulbs are used in all parts of the building to ensure minimum electric billings

The building is close to the road and market place.

Each unit has its own front and back balconies for relaxation purposes.

The kitchen is wide and has cabinets installed, there back balcony can be assessed through the kitchen door. The walls and floor are titled, it has fixed sockets for electric cooker and for other usage.

The parlour is assessed through the entrance door, it is wide and has visitors convenience room in it(the rest room is titled and equipped with water closet and wash hand basin). The parlour floor is title with an expensive one and the wall is smoothly painted

Each of the bedrooms are sizeably big and has wardrobes already fixed to accommodate one’s clothings and personal belongings

Each of the rooms has a toilet which has been equipped with modern toilet facilities such as a water heater, shower, water closet, wash hand basin and they are been titled in both the floor and walls respectively.


Each of the One(1) bedroom flat goes for the sum of Two hundred and Fifty Thousand naira only

#250k/ year

While each of the two(2) bedroom flat goes for the sum of Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand naira only


For enquiries/inspection contact 07053444561 or leave a message in the comment box below

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