Apartments in Ikate Lekki

Apartments in Ikate Lekki; Fully Serviced 2 Bedroom Terrace Duplex already built and designed is available for immediate grab.

These fantabulous property is cited in Ikate Lekki, Lagos State Nigeria.

Ikate Elegushi Lekki is quite a peaceful and comfortable place to live, it is fondly in the Lagos Island.

This part of Lagos state has beautiful buildings and lovely ambiences.

The road network, security and power supply in this area is superb. The neighborhood is serene and accessible.

Ikate Elegushi is cited in a locality and has a traditional ruler who is Oba Samuel Ademola Elegushi (Kusenla III). The traditional ruler happens to be the youngest Oba in Lagos State.

The rate of real estate appreciation in this area is high due to its proximity to business districts

There are drainage channels in Ikate Elegushi road which helps to prevent the road from beenĀ  flooded.

The power supply in Ikate Elegushi is so dependent on the Eko Electricity distribution company

The area does not experience traffic congestion as residents can easily go to their works places freely.

Elegushi beach is located in Ikate, and residents are not restricted from using the beach.

There are lots of fun areas in Ikate to ensure residents have a peaceful and joyful experience while residing there.

All the properties owned by an individual in this part of Lagos state is well gated and fenced

Individuals who has a building here do dig their boreholes within their premises

They also have a water treatment plant to purify the water before usage.

Ikate Elegushi is a good place for one to live and engage into business

The area has a unique market place which sales even at midnight (here perishable and non-perishable goods are sold)

The name of the market is Itedo market it is located at the end of admiralty Lekki still within Ikate Elegushi.

Property Description

The fully serviced two bedroom Terrace Duplex is built with standard materials

The building is in a serene environment, inter-locked and enjoys tared road network

The toilet is well spaced, has a glass bath area, the walls and floor are titled and it has modern facilities already fixed

The area is well developed and has a lot of fun places to visit and there are several neighborhoods.

Apartments in Ikate Lekki are well good looking and has all necessary things which magnifies it to be specially built

POP ceiling is what is used in the building with LED lights which are fixed in it to bring out its uniqueness

There is a boys quarters in the building and a family lounge. The area is well motorable

The building enjoys 24/7 power supply and security

It has a fully fitted kitchen with several cabinets for keeping items. It has an electric cooker switch box in the wall.

There is also a washing machine positioned in the kitchen for laundry purposes. The wall and floor is titled

Everything in the building is worthy to be sold expect the cars. Few units are available so take a step now to secure this amazing building

There’s 24/7 water supply in the building and the water is been treated before use.

CCTV cameras are mounted in the building for security purposes. The building also has a walk-in closet ways.

The each of the bedrooms are en-suite, fully serviced and has wardrobes

The parlor space is wide, has a visitor’s convenience room. Also the staircase to upstairs is been located here.



Governor’s consent is the legal title backing purchase of the property

For enquiries or inspection contact 0701 285 6907 or kindly leave a message in the comment session below

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