Exquisite Four Bedroom Semi-Detached Duplex with BQ

Exquisite Four Bedroom, Just listed to the property market recently is a well built and  fully exquisite furnished four bedroom semi-detached duplex with bq located at Oral Estate Phase two (2) Lekki, Lagos State.

These duplex is a dream come true for many who seeks for a gorgeously built home for adequate and full maximum satisfaction and relaxation.

These property comes with the Governor’s Consent as the legal backing covering purchase of the building.

The building has a balcony which was well and taught fully projected where occupants can freely seat to receive fresh air and also to view happenings within the environment with a light mounted on it to illuminate the corner even at dark hours.

The property also has a seat out space within the compound where family and friends can seat out to have cool moments together.

It has a well constructed couch already fixed and a sun shade cover to protect individual who wishes to seat out during the sunny or rainy weather and a table where drinks or food can be served, it also has a fan to help cool one’s temperature.

There’s also a carpet grass on the floor area of the space to add beauty to it.

The entire compound of the Exquisite Four Bedroom is well and neatly inter-locked

The area or estate where these property is located enjoys steady electricity power supply and in terms of power out break there is standby laster Generator to supply lights to everyone within minutes of power outbreak.

There is also constant water supply to all units in the building. There is no noise in the estate at all.

There is maximum security in the estate as there are security personnel’s employed to ensure that lives and Properties in the estate are well guarded and secured.

There are many other houses within the estate and they exist mutual interaction and relationship between everyone within the environment.

The kitchen is massive in terms of its size and has cabinets well constructed and positioned for keeping items, the sink is big, there is an already installed refrigerator, microwave, gas cooker, washing machine for laundry purposes and many other things needed to ensure that one makes satisfactory use of the kitchen.  It also has a store where food items can be kept.

The roofing is neatly mounted. The ceiling type used is that of plaster of Paris (POP) with imputed lights in it to help add beauty to the entire interiors of the building.

The parlor is large and accommodates big size of couch, it has television, air conditioner, room heater in terms of cold and a visitor’s convenience room.

The building also has a dining space with dining table and chairs already put in place.

There is an already fixed bed with a standard bed frame in each of the bedrooms and also a well and sweet looking paints to beautify it.

The bathrooms has space and contains facilities needed in it such as a water heater, shower, wash hand basin, water closet, a running tap etc. The master bedroom comes with a glass bath top.


The above detailed fully exquisite four bedroom semi-detached duplex with bq and all other things needed to make life enjoyable is available for sale for the sum of  One Hundred and Twenty Million naira only (#120m).

Payments can be made once or depending on agreement to be reached between the developer and the purchaser.

For more enquirers call +238070847312. You can as well drop a notification on the comment box below.

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