A brand new and well furnished self-con apartment is ready for rent at Alakahia off Ozuoba, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

This Self-Contained apartment is the best and well standard you can ever see.

It’s building edifices are well organized and of high quality.

It is still available, as there are vacant rooms for new students or returning students who will wish to relocate from their previous apartment to a more comfortable one.

The rent is very affordable for student to pay, the entire compound is neatly inter-locked and has a good tared road network

The access road is motorable and is positioned at few minutes distance from the main road

a. Shelter/house is a basic human need crucial for survival in cases of natural hazards or conflict.

b. Shelter provides security, personal safety and protection from the weather, and prevents I’ll health and disease.

c. Adequate housing provides people with dignity and the opportunity to live a normal life.
d. Man also need shelter to cover his/her nakedness.
e. Shelter is also needed in terms of business to enable the buyer and seller have a conducive environment while communicating
f. Shelter is also needed by man to keep his vital documents and belongings.

g. Man as well need a land and landed property like building to enable him increase his yield and income.
h. Real estates or buildings are also one of the sources of making earnings.
I. Buildings is the best investment man can engage in because its interest appreciates with time and does not depreciate.

*. It has a parking lot, there is steady light in the area.
*. All the facilities are highly functional
*. It has constant water supply(there’s overhead tank which makes it possible) and also the building has a 24 hours security which makes it a peaceful and comfortable place to live.
*. The building is solidly built with quality building material and the building is well fenced.

*. It is also about few kilometers to market and near to other places of human activities.
*. It has a shower, wash hand basin, water heater and WC all situated I’m the toilet.
* It has a well mounted sink in the kitchen and a good tap
* It also has a kitchen cabinet for keeping things safe and palatable
* The room is well sizeable and can comfortable accommodate two or more persons in it.
* The ceiling is made of PVC and the house is positioned in a place where there is a good flow of air and light.
* It has a water heater mounted in the bathroom for use when one feels cold and scary to bath cold water.

TYPE OF HOUSE: The building/property is a one storey building(partitioned neatly and in a comfortable manner) and the floor is inter locked smoothy. Land and Landed properties for example building is the best investment one can invest into because it’s profit yields from year to year.

The Self-contained is rented for an affordable price as follows:

Downstairs is rented for the sum of two hundred and fifty three thousand naira only (#253,000) below is the breakdown
Annual rent: # 165,000
Caution fee: #50,000
Legal/Service fee: #22,000
Agency fee: #16,000
while the upstairs is rented for the sum of Two hundred and seventy thousand naira only (#270,000).

Below is also the breakdown of the upstairs payment:
Annual rent: #180,000
Caution fee: #50,000
Legal/Service fee: #22,000
Agency fe: #18,000.

Subsequent payment for the downstairs is One hundred and sixty five thousand naira only (#165,000) while that of the upstairs will be One hundred and eighty thousand naira only (#180,000) per annum.

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