Affordable Fully Detached Duplex

Affordable totally Detached Duplex comprising of four bedrooms housing nested at Ikota , Lekki with subtle finishing’s is prepared for immediate sale.

These cheap totally Detached Duplex lays in serene setting and in tared road network.

Property Features:

The property enjoys steady water to any or all the units and also the water that is been provided perpetually undergoes purification processes so as to create it pure and smart for human use.

The estate wherever the property is found in Ikota lekki enjoys 24/7 security. there security personnel used to assist watch and defend lives and property among and outdoors the estate.

The four sleeping room totally detached duplex has sensible cctv cameras mounted at each corners of the house to assist show activities of each the pictorial and video courageousness of happenings among the within and outdoors of the building. Also, there square measure already mounted in-built speakers within the building to assist bring out thereforeund once the occupants so desires to possess a decent and quite leisure or amusement moment with family and friends.

Family lounge: The family lounge space that is tastily designed for family gathering throughout leisure and games and relaxation is extremely spacious and incorporates a convenience space particularly for guests

POP ceiling is employed within the building with semiconductor diode lights mounted on that to create the interiors therefore exciting. Also, there’s a storage room section within the building.

There is boy’s quarters within the building wherever the driving force, gate man, house maids, different bound workers and guests will live. every space within the boys quarters may be a self-contained consisting or a space, room and loo.

En-suite Rooms. every of the four bedrooms during this property is well spacious and has well equipped loos that contains all required for well usage. it additionally incorporates a wardrobe and also the doors and windows well positioned to permit daylights and natural ventilation

Fully fitted room: Below is that the pictorial read of the kitchen

The Affordable Fully Detached Duplex walls are well screed-ed and painted. also, the entire floors are titled with sweet looking and expensive titles. The property generally is well structured with good and original facilities already installed in it

A property is said to be a fully detached duplex when the building is standing alone which is usually fenced around with no other houses been attached to it. Here, the owner of the property does not share a wall with anyone, he is the only landlord in the building.

When an individual decides to purchase a house be it a duplex apartment of any type he or she has to consider certain things, below are but a few to ponder on;

  • Affordability. You have to check and balance if it is affordable, certain property markets the cost of buying a duplex apartment can be more affordable than buying two single-family houses
  • Vacancy risk. It is very difficult to ascertain a 100% risk in a duplex building, because its occupants very rarely vacate at the same period
  • Growing a’s excellent to continuously get 2 or additional rental units on every occasion you get a duplex as a result of it’s a good thanks to increase the quantity of money flow.
  • Maintenance. the value of maintaining and repairing a duplex building is less complicated because of the units area unit smaller and situated right next to at least one another.
  • Property management. this can be most efficient and economical as there’s no wasted time period between tenants concerned.
  • Cash flow. Duplex flats helps to double one’s income compared to owing a small dwelling.
  • Rentability. Most tenants specifically singles and retirees choose to rent a reasonable duplex unit that also seems like home while not the strain of getting to require care of an enormous house that eventually can price a payment.

Value: #80m per a unit

Governor’s consent is that the purchase title existing during this property.

For examination kindly leave a comment within the box below and wait our response at intervals a brief whereas. Hurry and have this sweet and tastily finished housing whereas it’s still accessible within the property market.


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