This awesome bare land is available for sale and it measures about 300 square meters land area located at Ocean bay Estate, Orchid Lekki, Lagos state, Nigeria.

This is indeed the developers delight as it comes with a land title known as the Certificate of Occupancy (C of O).
Saleable value:
The vacant land is available for at an affordable price of Thirty seven million naira only (#37,000,000) and it is negotiable between the buyer and seller.

Overview of a vacant land:
Land and landed properties are the most reliant and much productive investment humans can engage in unlike buying of cars of different kinds, spending more on unreliable investments and on women for pleasure money spent on the purchase of land or landed properties yields interest from years to years.
Despite the aspect of buying vacant land in dealing with real estate and then developing it. There is the aspect of buying an already developed property with very little renovation on it or the person can decide to use it as it is. Furthermore, there are opportunities in the areas of buying dilapidated properties that are then demolished completely in order for the land to be redeveloped into something entirely different and distinct from its initial existence. Regardless of all this advantages there certain purposes why an individual needs to buy vacant land either for building construction or other use best known for his reason of acquisition of the virgin or vacant land.

First and foremost, vacant lands are easily and modernly accessible especially through the invention of technology, lands can be accessed using google maps. It is easier and cheaper to get vacant land as long as you known and do not mind the location if bad or good. In many highbrow areas it is very difficult to get vacant land due to the fact that most of those areas are largely developed. Sometimes, the only option available for those who are determined to live in those areas is to buy a property and pull it down. If you are looking for vacant land the challenge is easier to deal with as long as you are flexible about the location.
* Another factor in favour of vacant land acquisition is the huge profit margin that is made possible due to the lower capital outlay. When you decide to build on the land you have increased your capital outlay which may or may not be recouped after the sale of the property. In addition to the above, vacant land is open to multiple usage except there is a legal restriction on use in that particular area. You can decide to lease the property for partial use. You can decide to use it as mini farm or mini factory. Some can lease it for a while to artisans while they prepare themselves for the construction work ahead. A person with a vacant land in a strategic area can lease part of it to a telecommunication company or a car servicing and sales centre. The list of what could be done with the land is endless.
* vacant land gives the developer the opportunity to design and build whatever he/she consider suitable. At times it is a serious challenge to be able to get a property that really suits ones taste, because most people end up spending additional money upgrading part of the property they bought. Vacant land gives you and your architect the flexibility you need to innovate and customise a desired or pictured building.
* Documentation of vacant land is usually easier and cheaper, the moment one acquires a vacant land he ought to commence the process of documentation with the appropriate governmental department in charge in order to get the title applicable within the locality.The process of documentation includes assessment of the value of the land. The better approach is to do your documentation prior to commencing full scale construction.
In conclusion, in most cases if the property offered for sale is a tenanted property buyers tends to be slowish in purchasing such property because of the challenge they are likely to face from tenants who are unwillingly to give up his or her possession of the property, so buying of vacant land is always the best option for developers.

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