Are you an investor who needs a well built and fully serviced two bedroom apartments to purchase and let on put it on shortlet terms to yeild more incomes from it then this well built and furnished apartment is here to satisfy your taste.

These property consisting of a two bedroom apartment has been fully serviced as everything one needs to ensure he or she makes maximum use of any acquired apartment has been completely put in place

The building has been beautifully screeded, plastered and painted with an expensive and well looking paints.

There are toilets in each of the bedrooms and the toilets are well titled on both the floor and floor.

The facilities in the toilet consisting of the the wash hand basin, water closet, shower and water heaters are all functional and in good working condition.

There are also air conditioners mounted in each of the rooms together with a standing fan to ensure maximum comfort.

The parlour is neatly constructed and roofed using the plaster of Paris to beautify it. It also has a large space for dinning.

From the parlour there is a door which can be used to access the balcony where occupants can seat to receive fresh air or to view happenings within theĀ  environment. There is also air conditioner, television and other facilities already installed in the parlour to ensure maximum view and ultilisation.

The kitchen is massive as it contains several cabinets, sink, gas cooker, microwave, washing machine for laundry purpose and all other needed facilities to ensure a standard use of the kitchen.

The entire floor of the apartment is well titled with a nice and high quality titles.

There is enough space in the compound where cars can be parked.

There is also maximum security in the area where these well looking apartment is been built.

One can purchase as many units as possible and then put it into shortlet purposes to increase his means of income.

It goes with a legal backing which is the Governor’s Consent.


Each unit of the two bedroom apartment is selling for the sum of Fifty Million Naira only(#50m).

For enquiries kindly drop a comment below.

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