A brand new and fully detached four bedroom duplex with a bq, has been listed for sale and us located at Chevron 2nd Toll Gate Lekki, Lagos State.

This particular property is definitely and indeed one of its kind so far. Every part of the property is neatly and carefully constructed/built. The exterior view of the building is wonderful but the interior view is a heaven on earth. This property is a type that everyone will wish and dream to have or acquire.

It is neatly built and the building facilities used are strong and original as it will all last for a long number of years and still won’t wear out. It has a balcony which is projected from the wall of the building  and supported by columns and enclosed with a balustrade, this helps to provide an overhang effect that helps prevent interior overheating by reducing solar gain, and also block noise and improve natural ventilation within the units.

This balcony also helps occupants to view what is happening within their compound and the environment close at large.

The balcony is also wonderfully designed and enclosed with a righted glass  whereby one can access the people outside without been viewed or seen.

The paints used in the building are actually unique and beautiful.

The Lights are placed at strategic corners of the building to ensure views even at mid-night hours.

The doors and windows are strong and will fixed.

The outside environment of the compound is well inter-locked and it also has a parking lot and a car cover stand which is greatly fixed to ensure that the cars are well protected against harsh sunshine and heavy rainfall or and unexpected harsh weather condition.

Each unit is demarcated with a fence.

The septic tank and soak away pits are neatly and deeply dug to last for a very far number of years.

The roof is made of modern roofing sheet and the ceiling is made of plaster of Paris (pop) which has carefully been affixed to add value and taste to the building.

There are water heaters in each of the bathroom while the master bathroom is larger than others in terms of  space.

The showers and wash hand basin are all functional and newly installed.

The kitchen is large enough to accommodate more than two persons whole cooking and has well constructed kitchen cabinets for keeping certain kitchen items. There is also a space where washing machine is been installed for laundry purposes.

There is a space at the back yard where one can hand washed clothes. There is also space in the compound where children can play.

There is steady supply of light in the area and a twenty four hours supply of water to all units in the building.

The area where the property is positioned is peaceful and noise free.

The parlour is massive to contain any size of couch and other things that makes a sitting room conducive and homely.

The property is in an area where there is no record of theft or kidnap, everyone and property is secured and peaceful.

The property has a legal backing which is the Governor’s Consent.


The value of the above mentioned fully detached four bedroom duplex is going for Eighty Five Million Naira only (#85m).

For more enquires on purchase drop is remark below

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