4 Bedroom Duplex in Woji

4 Bedroom Duplex in Woji, Port Harcourt town of Rivers state is ready and available for sale. The building is constructed on one and half(1½) plot of land.

This area in question enjoys federal light, steady power supply and the security is superb as there is no occurrence of theft of any kind

This property is a perfect definition of what is called pay and move in, all the necessary furniture’s, equipment, machines, cabinets, facilities and many more is already existing the property.

There are several flower pots planted in the compound to help add to its aethestic view.

The compound is very large to welcome cars and even can be used as a playground for children.

A steel scaffold is erected in the compound in which two sizable GP tanks are mounted on, through here water is been pumped and distributed to all units in the building.

All the facilities in this building are in good and sound condition as repairs and sound maintenance excercise has been conducted by the developer.

The external walls of the building is covered with marbles inorder to ensure the long lasting of the house. With this marbles it is very hard for the externals to experience wear and tear

There are existing neighbors within the vicinity that the building is suitated and they are all friendly to one another

The 4 Bedroom Duplex in Woji has 5 toilets in it, one in the sitting room for visitors use and the remaining four toilets in the respective bedrooms.

The parlour is wide both in length and width, a television set has been put already in the parlour with sound system, couches and other needed facilities. And has a dinning space with tables and chairs already fixed.

There are air conditioners in all the rooms, dinning, kitchen and also a closed circuit television cameras to help detect crime cases within the compound

All the toilets has all facilities equipped in them whereas the master toilet is larger in size compared to others and comes with a jacuzzi bath-tub

The kitchen is awesomely so wide and comfortable for making of meals. It has double sink, several cabinets, refrigerator, gas cooker and electric cooker, microwave, center table for preparing meals which has a sink in it and with two high chairs, a store room for saving food stuffs, and many other facilities. It is also well titled from the floor to the walls.

The entire bedrooms in this house are spacious and well partitioned as there are separate door in the bedroom leading to the  wardrobe space where personal belongings like clothes, shoes etc can be kept.

There is television set in each of the rooms for eye viewing and another separate door leading to the toilet. There are already placed bed and bedframes in each of the rooms

Wallpapers are also used at strategic points to help beautify each corner of the house. Expensive curtains are used in the doors and windows.

The whole building is fabulously titled and also POP type of ceiling used to beautify the interiors and Led lights is used to make it look so colourful

Every item or facilities seen in this property except the cars is selling together with the house for the total sum mentioned below, have you been looking or thinking of  a good duplex building to move into? Search no more as this property is more than a perfect description of a superb built edifices and is located within the capital city of Rivers state.


#100m (One Hundred Million naira only)

The title ensuring proper purchase of this property which shall be issued to the buyer is Deed of Conyenanc which shall be duly stamped and signed

A trusted property/real estate valuer was consulted to carry out the valuation of the property, at the end of carrying out his professional expertise in determining the actual value the property should be sold using the income method of valuation( it was calculated by dividing the net operating income by the capitalization rate).

When carrying out this valuation exercise to determine the exact value the property should be put to in the open market, the buyers were considered as special attention was paid to the condition of the property, its operating efficiency and vacancies.

Share you opinion with us if you are interested in moving in into these gorgeously looking property that has been finished and furnished

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