3 Bedroom Flat for Rent in Port Harcourt

3 Bedroom Flat for Rent Located at East-West road off Mercyland Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria is available and ready to be occupied.

This building is a bungalow consisting of units of 1 and 3 bedroom flats which is available for rent.

It is still situated close to the road and place of market and other residential homes.

It is well constructed with original building materials and it lays on one complete plot of land

The compound is well inter-locked and enjoys tared road network.

The area enjoys federal light and steady security.

The compound enjoys steady water supply to all units through an already dug borehole.

These building is specifically designed for residential rental not for commercial or any other purposes.

Occupants are not expected to relet any part of the premises to another without the permission of the of landlord.

Also occupants Standard and good looking four bedroom terrace duplex has just been listed for sale. It is located at Ikota Lekki, Lagos State. not to put the building into inorder use other than for it to serve as s residential home.

The 3 Bedroom Flat which is for Rent is well wired to avoid wires running on the surfaces of the wall or floor which in turn might cause home accidents.

The plumbing works are neatly done and also all the chambers are well channelled to avoid blockage.

The ceiling type used in these building is that of asbestos ceiling. Energy bulbs are used to reduce electricity consumption.

The kitchen is wide enough and contains cabinets where food items and utensils can be kept comfortably. It also has a sizable sink

Each flat has their own circuit break and meter for better and peaceful coexistence between occupants.

The building has been well plastered, rendered and painted.

Each of the flats has its own toilet which has be equipped with facilities to ease use

Also each of the bedrooms has a wardrobe for keeping personal items

The 3 Bedroom Flat has a convinence room for visitors in the sitting room

The sitting room is large and has space for dinning where meals can be served.

Each of the flat has its own entrance point into the interior part and it is been protected with a black burglary proof iron gate to ensure maximum security of each person in his or her flat.


I Bedroom Flat goes for #350k/year

3 Bedroom Flat goes for #550k/year

Agent fee is 10% of the total sum payable as rent.

Inspection of the building is free

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