2 Bedroom phase at Rumuagholu

2 Bedroom phase located at Rumuagholu road off T-junction nkpolu is ready

The facilities is new and available for immediate rent

It’s finishes is dope and so pleasing to the eye

It’s a storey building with good roofing pattern and plaster of paris (POP) ceiling

The plumbing works are superb as the water and septic/soak away pipes are well connected and channelled

All the chambers are done in a manner that it can be easily cracked during maintenance

The soak away pit and septic tank is deep enough to last for years without been serviced

The roofing sheets are well projected out to ensure that the walls does not suffer from immediate wear and tear

The rooms and sitting is standardly built, also the toilets has enough space.

The building is in a serene environment and the road leading into the premises is tared

The 2 bedroom space at Rumuagholu is in a remote envrion and is built on a complete two plots of land

There is a security house in the building as a security man shall be employed to help regulate and safeguard the building

A borehole has already been dug in the compound to help ensure constant water supply to all apartments.

The property is built in Rumuagholu road which is a few distance from pipeline road.

It will take approximately about 10 minutes drive from Rumuokoro Junction to locate the property.

It is asscessble in approximately 9 minutes drive to main road

The building is well enclosed from other building in the vicinity through the use of a fence

The fence is raised to a certain height that an individual can not be able to see the inside with sharp objects fixed in it.

It is also closed with a black steel gate with a pedestrian and motor ways.

The building comes with 3 toilets, one in the parlour and the remaining two in the respective rooms.

It has two verandas where occupants can seat out to have a relaxed view of the premises

The first veranda is located at the entrance point before going to the parlour while the other is at the backyard

The apartments downstairs  entrance are enclosed with a black steel gate to help regulate unwanted entrance into the apartment

There is enough space in the compound for parking of cars and for occupants to sun dry their washed clothes in the backyard

The kitchen is spacious and has cabinets already fixed for keeping items to be used for cooking

The bedrooms has wardrobe where one can keep his or her personal belongings

The toilets is designed with beautiful titles and all the facilities fixed are all functioning

The building is titled in all the floors while the kitchen has nice viewing titles in it

Sockets are fixed at strategic places in all the inside and the wiring is done of conduit type.

Few apartments is remaining for the building to be completely occupied so interested persons should hurry while it still last



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