2 Bedspace for rent at life-fort avenue

2 Bedspace vacancy in Life-Fort Avenue, off Rumuorlumeni Iwofe road before Chicken Republic outlet, Port Harcourt City

This well looking and built standard apartment is available for rent on annual basis

The building is in a secured environment and has a tared road network all around

It is two storey building with about six apartments. The other five has been taken remaining this particular flat.

The compound is large to harbor every occupants car and still has space for kid’s play area

The compound is neatly inter-locked and fenced

The compound has a security house where the security man will live while securing the compound, properties and lives

The 2 Bedspace vacancy in Life-Fort Avenue enjoys steady power supply and there is 24/7 security

There are three toilets in each apartment. One in the parlour for visitors convenience and the rest at the respective rooms.

Each of the toilet doors are made of aluminium and the walls and floor is well titled

It has water heater in the two toilets located in the bedroom and other bathing facilities needed

The parlour is very large to contain facilities and furniture’s one needs to fix. The wall side where television set and speaker will be mounted

Has been well decorated with a good looking wallpaper.

There is also a dinning space in within the parlour area which is been assessed immediately after the parlour

There is a door in the dinning from which the kitchen can be assessed.

The kitchen is well spaced and has a door through which a veranda is assessed. This is where the gas cylinder and generator can be kept.

They are cabinets constructed and fixed in the kitchen for keeping utensils to be used. It has a medium sized sink

There is also a tap which is very functional for washing of dishes and other purposes.

The building is neatly constructed as one cannot see a wire running in the surface of the floor or wall

The pipes used for plumbing and water connections are also well laid which gave the house a sweet finish

The entire floor is titled with an expensive and good looking tiles

POP is used as the ceiling type for the building and it was wonderfully moulded and designed

The wall of the outside is titled to a certain height to prevent it from detoriating fast

There is walk -in way into the inside of the building. Here, one can comfortably seat to have a pleasant view of the compound or even to have a chat

These area has a step and is enclosed partly with a hand rail

The payment can be done on six months interval but preferably annually

It is also recommended that the individual who shall move into the building make an annual payment plus an additional year.

After the first biennial payments he or she can pay on six months basis depending on agreement with the landlord.



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