2 bedroom flat in Ikate: are you an investor or an ordinary individual who wishes to grow his or her money by investing in real estate properties then this property is a perfect deal to actulize your aim.

These sophisticated 1 and 2 bedroom apartment which has been fully serviced can be assessed and located at Ikate Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria.

This property can be wholly bought by an individual or investor and then put into a shortlet or rental grounds or purposes inorder to establish strings of income flow.

Through this tastefully and well designed 1 and 2 bedroom apartment one can increase his or her cash flow or passive income even while relaxing at the comfort of his or her home.

2 bedroom flat in Ikate is a wonderful building,Have you wonder how many millions make their living even most of them who do not go to the office or engage in any physical work.

The sitting room is very large in size and has all modern facilities to make it so habitable already fixed in their appropriate positions. Picture below is a little corner where one can comfortably seat to have discussion.

Real estate investment is the very secret of many rich and well doing individuals in our society.

They put in their lump sum of money on investments especially that of real estate then go back to the comfort of their homes and relax while enjoying countless number of cash flows into their ban account.

Real estate investment is a very lucrative investment that no one should miss out.

Why invest in real estate? The most important thing in real estate is location. The condition and price of any home can be changed but a great location can change an entire neighborhood seemingly overnight. The location of a property creates desirability, desirability creates demand and demand raises real estate prices.

Each of the bedrooms that make up the building are en suited and has been fully serviced with bedframes and a well sizeable mattress. There are also neatly constructed and fixed wardrobes in each of the bedrooms where one can keep his or her personal belongings. It also has a drawer beside the bed, a mirror, a chair and other necessary facilities needed to make a standard room. The master bedroom is a bit larger in size than others.

Below are Reasons Why One Should Invest in Real Estate:

1.It is indestructible. Land and Landed properties is durable and permanent.

2. It’s uniqueness. No two parcel of land can be exactly the same even though they may share similarities.

3. It’s Immobility. While some parts of land are removable and the topography can be altered, the geographical location of the parcel of land can never be changed.

main Reasons why Men Needs House/Shelter.

Below are most crucial reasons why man must live or have a habitat, they include:

1. Shelter is a basic human need crucial for survival in cases of natural hazards or conflict.

2. Shelter provides security, personal safety and protection from the weather; and prevents I’ll health and disease.

3. Adequate housing provides people with dignity and the  opportunity to live a normal life.

Ways in which One can Invest in Real Estate includes:

1. By forming a group and investing in real estate are a more hands-off way to make money in real estate.

2. Real estate investment trusts are basically dividend paying stocks.

3. Investors can make money in real estate by becoming a landlord of a rental property.

4. Aspiring real estate owners can buy a property using leverage, paying a portion of its total cost upfront, then paying off the balance over time.

It has a fully fitted kitchen in each of the units are well decorated with several cabinets for keeping of items, a store room for storing food stuffs and other important equipments, a sink, a water heater, washing machine, modern oven and refrigerator, gas cooker, installed air conditioner and many more facilities that one needs to have a quite and comfortable stay while using the kitchen.

An investor can actually purchase all units in this fully serviced 1 and 2 apartment by paying a portion of its total cost upfront and pay the remaining balance over time based on a concrete agreement between him and the developer.

The property is laying on a tarred road.

The property is well fenced with a gate.

There is constant supply of electricity in the estate where this property is built.

The entire compound of the property enjoys neat inter-locked road network and is done in such a manner to ensure water runs off the ground after rainfall.

Each of the bedrooms in these building has a toilet. The toilets a tastefully built with modern and good looking facilities such as the water heater, a wash hand basin, a water closet, a glass shower area and a ceramics well caved and designed bath-top.

Each of the interior doors are made of iron paneled. While the doors to the entrances of the interiors are also made of a more sophisticated iron panel and a camera view to help access who is standing on the door post.

There is a security house I’m the property where an employed security man will live while exceeding his duty by protecting lives and property within the building.

There is 24/7 water supply to all units in the property.

The water which is been pumped and supplied to all units in the property undergoes treatment.

Each of the flats in 2 these bedroom flat in Ikate has a balcony where occupants of the property can stay to have a good time either by enjoying fresh air flow or viewing the happenings within and outside the compound.

The stairs are well constructed and place at a standard height. It is also positioned to allow daylight into the stairs and also there are lights (bulbs) fixed in the stairs to enable night walks when there is electric  power(light).

The entire walls if the building is neatly screeded, rendered and painted wit a gorgeous and expensive paints.

The ceiling of all the interior parts of the building is done using the plaster of Paris (POP).

The building has an inbuilt speakers all around to enable anyone at any unit in his or her apartment to hear sounds been played laudibly.

All the interior of the building has LED lights in them.

There is also a gym house within each unit for excercises purposes and a pantry session room


1 bedroom goes for #45m

2 bedroom goes for #65m

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