1 bedroom flat for rent at Rumuokparali

1 bedroom flat is available for rent in Rumuokparali around Ozuoba axis in Rivers State Nigeria.

The building is very much and easily accessible as everywhere within the area has a tared road network.

The area has electric poles which has been connected with a functional transformer to help supply lights to all residents living in the vicinity

Residents in the area enjoys steady electricity power supply. Due to the steady light in the area it has been made possible for residents to enjoy steady water supply

Each compound that has borehole already installed in their building don’t need to buy Generator or fuel inorder to pump water

Once there is electric light they all pump water without stress and cost attached.

The boreholes dug in this vicinity produces clean water which are odourless and colourless and does not react to the body

There are several places one can follow to access Rumuokparali either through Choba, Rumuokwuta etc.

The area is very popular as one can get direct transport to the place if he or she is not mobile, bolt or Uber means of transportation can also be employed

The subject property is surrounded by other buildings within the neighborhood

It is laying in a large compound with enough space and other properties.

The property is made of two sets of bungalow building with 1 bedroom and Self-Contained apartments.

The compound is neatly inter-locked and enclosed by a fence which has a gate to help regulate movements to and fro into the building

There area enjoys secured environment as there are vigilants to help protect lives and property.

The floors of the 1 bedroom flat is titled in all corners. While the toilets and kitchen is titled on both floor and walls

The building has two toilets one in the sitting room and the other in the bedroom.

The toilets has facilities to help make usefulness of it. Also, it is enclosed with an aluminium door and has windows for ventilation and daylights

The kitchen is spacious and has a sink, cabinets, running tap, sockets and other needed things.

The sitting room can be accessed through the entrance door from outside. It is well space and the windows are put at corners to allow daylights

The rest room for visitors is located in the sitting room

There is also a dinning space mapped out from the sitting room for meals and certain activities

The 1 bedroom flat has enough and sizable room which has an already fixed foreign plywood constructed for wardrobes.

The unit in the cover photo with a human being standing in the front is the one available for rent as other units has been occupied

The apartment is still available as interested house seekers are advised to make a move while the apartment is still vacant

We operate on first to pay has the the apartment

We also advised that the person who will live in the apartment come by him or herself for inspection to avoid later stories after payment.


The price of the 1 bedroom flat available for rent is as follows:

Actual rent……..#250k

Agency fee ……..#25k

Inspection fee is very negotiable

For inspection kindly drop a message in the comment section below and an inspection date shall be scheduled and a mail of the date sent to you asap.

Your satisfaction is our major goal. We look forward to serve you

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